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Link DI Driver-4

Link DI Driver-4
Link DI Driver-4
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Link DI Driver-4
Link DI Driver-4
Link DI Driver-4

Discover the next evolution in engine tuning with our advanced Direct Injection (DI) control module. The DI Driver-4 is a highly configurable, cost effective and integrated solution, designed to give you full control of most modern solenoid type direct injectors and high-pressure fuel pumps.

Each DI Driver-4 module can allow up to four high voltage peak and hold solenoid Direct Injectors and one high pressure peak and hold Fuel Pump to flow up to their maximum amount of fuel at a very high engine RPM. When combined with a G5 Voodoo Pro ECU, up to three DI Driver-4 modules can be connected together to control up to 12 Direct Injectors and two independent High Pressure Fuel Pumps. Together the G5 Voodoo Pro ECU and DI Driver-4 modules can control both Direct Injection and staged Port Injection on a single tune, giving you the ultimate all-in-one solution to achieve greater power and efficiency.
Connecting to your ECU and other DI Driver-4 modules is easy thanks to CAN Bus compatibility. Set-up has been simplified with our easy-to-use free DI Link software, which is highly user configurable over USB. Housed in a durable, sealed CNC enclosure with a waterproof Superseal automotive connector, it’s engineered to withstand demanding conditions. All this is backed by the industry-leading reliability and support you’ve come to expect from LinkECU.

The time has now come to unleash your Direct Injection engine with Link’s DI Driver-4, the easiest, most effective and most affordable way to tune DI on the market.

•    Four Direct Injection Injector Drives
•    One High Pressure Fuel Pump Drive
•    Water Resistant, -40 to 80 °C Operating Temperature
•    1 x CAN bus with software configurable termination
•    1 x USB Type-C for configuration via DI Link software (free download, Windows only)
•    Sealed CNC billet aluminium enclosure
•    26-Way waterproof Superseal automotive connector
•    Compatible with a wide range of engine management systems, and solenoid direct injectors. (Does not support Piezo Direct Injectors)
•    Max Boost Current: 17.9A, Max Boost Voltage: 65V
•    Max Peak Current: 17.9A, Max Peak Duration: 2000uS
•    Max Hold Current: 5.0A, Max Hold Curation: 164mS
•    Max engine RPM running a Bosch HDEV: 14,200RPM

Click here for the DI Knowledge Base which includes the specifications sheet and user manual.

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  • Model: DI-4
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