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Link G4X FuryX engine control unit

Link G4X FuryX engine control unit
Pre-Order in 1 - 5 days
Link G4X FuryX engine control unit

A premium ECU with Onboard Digital Wideband.

The FuryX is a premium ECU like the XtremeX, but with added Onboard Digital Wideband Lambda Control. Now on the G4X platform, the FuryX features a faster processor, faster communications & a huge 512 megabytes of data logging! 

With 8 injector drives and 6 ignition drives, the FuryX can control up to 3 rotors or 6 cylinders with sequential injection and direct spark, making it an excellent choice for professional level motorsport or more demanding road car applications.

The added benefit of Onboard Digital Wideband Lambda Controller means higher accuracy of the unit, plus a simple setup. 


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  • Stock: Pre-Order in 1 - 5 days
  • Model: G4XF
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